Hello Quilting sisters,
As we started our new year, your board members were asked to complete
the sentence; ‘I like….’ Here are their thoughts regarding our guild.

  • I like the camaraderie of this group. The creativity and variety of quilts.
  • I like knowing what’s going on in the guild.
  • I like how decisions felt collaborative and mostly united among the board and when presented to the membership.
  • I like trying new things. I like the educational opportunities.
  • I like the generosity of the membership of KLCQ.
  • I like the friendships, and variety of meetings.

What are your favorite things about belonging to the KLCQ guild?

Our June Guild meeting was action packed. Fifty-four quilts will bless recipients for three agencies. Is that wonderful? Thank you, Pauline and Teri, for a great program. Thank you to all the ‘Quilt Squad’ helpers for holding and folding. Next guild meeting: July 19th!

Happy stitching,

Kim Longstroth
KLCQ President