Our General Guild meeting in September 19, 2022 was spectacular for so many reasons. Eighty-one members were in attendance. We had a fascinating presentation from Shae Vaughn entitled ‘Discovering the Story: experiencing history through antique quilts.’ She reminded us, just as the quilters of long ago, we leave clues about ourselves in our quilts. In our choice of color, fabric, pattern, and our many quilts. I have two antique quilts. One is from a great aunt from my adoptive family. Equally precious is a quilt from my birth mother’s family. Nine quilters participated in the Flying Geese Challenge. Twelve quilters showed a variety of quilts for our traditional Show N Tell.

As we go into autumn, we have Retreat, small groups and our Holiday Party to look forward to in the next months. I wish you happy stitching, gathering fabric, and joyous camaraderie!

Kim Longstroth
KLCQ President