Lovie Guildelines

A Lovie is a quilt plus a stuffed animal for a child.

These quilts are for children, infants through teens, many of whom have sensitivities, allergies, autoimmune disease, or other types of serious medical conditions. These guidelines are adopted with the health and safety of each child in mind.


The quilt should be big enough for the child to be wrapped in. Think of it as your arms–the love of our guild–wrapped around each child who receives it. Remember that the quilt is for the child, not the stuffed animal.

Babies : Minimum 36 x 36 inches to 36 x 42 inches
Toddlers : Minimum 40 x 40 to 40 x 45 inches
Teens : No larger than 45 x 60 inches


Please make the quilt out of cotton and cotton blends. No wool or wool blend fabric or batting. Both cotton and polyester batting are okay. (We are not accepting fleece blankets at this time.)

Please use age-appropriate fabric.

Please make sure your quilt and/or stuffed animal do not have add-ons, such as buttons,
decorative pins, or other items that a child could remove. These pose a choking hazard.

The Lovie stuffed animal MUST be new, no exceptions.


Our preference is for quilts to be quilted. If tied, please use yarn only, and make a square knot cut no longer than (1) one inch when finished.

Please triple check and REMOVE all straight pins, safety pins, paper clips, long strings or threads.

At no time should the quilt or stuffed animal be stored in a used plastic bag.

The Lovie must be clean and odor free. The following odors make the Lovie undeliverable to our organizations:

  • Smoke from smoker’s homes
  • Scented Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener
  • Musty/Mold/Mildew smell
  • Pet odor, hair and dander (If you have a pet, you must wash the quilt in fragrance-free products before giving it.)