On February 1st there will be only 48 days until spring. YEAH !!!! I’m sure all of you are using your sewing time wisely with the weather being so cold outside. It’s nice to be able to sit and sew binding with a quilt wrapped up around you.

I am also looking forward to the unveiling of the KLCQ quilted banner and see all the small group squares that have been created. Shae Vaughn, our Communications Chairperson, is in charge of putting the banner quilt together and has a wonderful start to it as I’ve seen what she’s created so far. Please be sure your squares get to her so she can work on the finished product.

In case the February meeting is cancelled due to inclement weather or COVID, please be sure to check your email prior to the meeting date. At the time of this writing, the board has not met so the February meeting has not been cancelled or discussed.